Ebooks vs. Print

When ever I talk to someone about books the subject of ebooks vs. print comes up. I like both, but here’s a writer’s point of view.

Which do you like?

Cristian Mihai

There are two types of people in the world: those who realize that this world is constantly reinventing itself and are usually capable of recognizing the new directions in which the world is headed, and those who can’t.

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2 thoughts on “Ebooks vs. Print

  1. I have the BN nook, but I also have multiple bookshelves full of books. For me I like the convenience of the ereader. If I finish a book I don’t have to try and find the time to get to a bookstore, especially if I am on vacation or in a city where I don’t know where the closest bookstore is or if they will even have the book I want. I do love to have books in print though. If I read a really good book on my e reader I will go get it in print. Also if I’ve started a series in print i’ll continue it in print. If I started it on the ereader i’ll continue it on the ereader. Just because you like one does not mean you don’t like the other. Both have their strong points.

    • Thanks for commenting. I feel the same way. I just finished a 400 page book in print, but I’m going on vacation, so my next book will be on my iPad.

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