A new season of life. . .Reorganizing my pantry

As I mentioned in my previous post “Preparing for the Empty Nest”, I’m beginning a new season in my life. With one child out the door to college, and a little bit more time on my hands, I felt the need to reorganize things a little. I joined Pinterest! I was hesitant at first… just one more thing to keep me on my iPad right?

Well, Pinterest has been very inspirational. It has allowed me to really take a look at myself, and to re-evaluate what is important to me, and the things that I like. I love how Pinterest motivates me to simplify my life. As I get older, I am quickly beginning to realize that putting in a little effort organizing my home will save me loads of time in the future. It’s also been very therapeutic! I really enjoy sharing, and getting ideas from others. Some great ideas on Pinterest and other blogs inspired me to reorganize my pantry.

This summer I decided to reorganize my pantry so that it’s a bit more pleasing to look at!  Most of the mismatched packaging and cardboard boxes are gone! I love being able to see everything, so I know when I’m running low on an ingredient and can put it on my shopping list instead of finding out that I’m almost out when I need it for a recipe.

I did some research on Pinterest and found the items that I thought would fit my pantry best. Here are the results.


I got baskets to put instant cereal packets in, and small prepared boxes in. I got the baskets at Micheal’s, they were 30% off….only $6.00 .  They have removable liners so I can wash them and keep things fresh.

Light weight or rarely used appliances are kept up high.   The popcorn machine is  rarely used, and it fits great up here.

I love these bushel baskets I picked up at Micheal’s.  They were also on sale 1/2 off. They were $3.00. I plan to keep those large quantities of fruit that my husband purchases from Costco in the baskets. No more keeping those huge crates on my kitchen counters! It helps the air flow also, keeping produce fresh longer.

I found jars to put baking items and pasta in at World Market, Walmart, and Ikea for $3.99. I’m getting labels made also. Love the way they look, so clean and simple. I can now easily see what needs to be replaced.

I solved an issue that I deal with all the time being 5’1….I can’t reach most of the items in my spice cabinet. I’ve resorted to asking every family member to help me out (obviously everyone is taller than me). Now I’ve removed those items that I use frequently (mostly baking items), and made space for them in the pantry. I bought a small Lazy Susan, and a little bin to keep those items in. No more soliciting from family members!

I found this wonderful little box at World Market (kind of pricey at $9.00, but it’s very cute). I keep Olive Oil, and Vinegar in here.  I found a stack-able produce bin at Bed Bath & Beyond. And I found the crate at JoAnn’s ($9.00) to keep large items in, but off of the floor.

I found this idea on Pinterest for the cans. My husband has resorted to a diet of soups and salads so this area is for him. I also bought a little wine rack.

And there you have my reorganized pantry.



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