Being a twin

Everyone always referred to us as “the twins”, but we are fraternal so people would look at us and ask just to make sure…”are you twins?”   There used to be a time when everyone knew who the twins were. The coordinated outfits gave us away when we were little.

Multiple births run heavily in our family. I’m not even sure how many sets we have, but if I was to guess, I would guess about 8 sets?

People didn’t really compare us to each other, since sometimes we looked more like sisters than twins. My mother also kept us in separate classes right from the beginning so that we could establish our own identity and friends. I think this really helped.

My other half happened to be the dominate twin, both inside the womb and out. I really depended on her when we were little for everything! She was a real comfort source for me. I would later find out as we grew up, that is was not such a good thing.

When we were young we had the same interests. I really enjoyed that we had the same interests. We became a source of encouragement for each other, even as we began to develop our talents more individually. I became an artist…. she can’t really draw. My twin became an awesome actress and singer, and landed every major part in all the plays that we were in from Jr. high to high school! I was always soooooo proud of her!!

Many people lose their individuality being a twin. However, the strength of my twins dominance helped me discover myself. It motivated me to be my own person and develop my own hobbies and interests because I wanted to be my own person. Eventually, I forgot that my sister was actually my twin – until it came time to blow out our birthday candles or we ran into someone at the supermarket who exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, they’re twins?”

To solidify my individuality I decided to go away for college. It was the best decision, although I still struggle a bit today with her strong opinions. I just try to ignore them, and remind myself that I’m not her!!

I now live on the West Coast, she lives on the East Coast…. we are both married with our own children and lives…We’re still very close, I miss her everyday and we keep in touch often. Even though I’ve developed my own individuality…. I still wouldn’t be me without her!


4 thoughts on “Being a twin

  1. Very sweet update on your relationship with you sister. My sister and I are 18 mos apart, she too lives on the East coast, but I miss her not because she is so far away, but because she is mentally ill and I can’t always reach her. I miss her terribly.
    Carol Greene

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