Espresso/Latte Lover

One of my true loves is coffee, particularly latte’s and espresso!

Now most woman don’t like to receive kitchen appliances from their husbands for Christmas, but my husband has a real knack for picking out kitchen appliances. Always top notch and high quality! So no surprise to me when I received a wonderful gift for Christmas last year from my husband that I use everyday!

The Nespresso System

I find it remarkable that a huge, cumbersome corporation like Nestle managed to pull off a system so creative: great visual design, outstanding blend design, solid engineering and manufacturing, and impressive marketing and positioning. The whole Nespresso coffee system is fascinating. It took a little reading and a few visits to the Nespresso Bar to get it! All of the Nespresso blends I’ve tasted are distinctly different, and all are interesting. All of the coffees have a usual base of Brazilian and Colombian, and may be a key contributor to its distinct taste.

With the Nespresso system, however, you are enslaved to Nestle for your coffee. The sixteen Nespresso capsule blends are genuinely different and distinctive in blend character, but they certainly do not exhaust espresso expression. At a current cost of 55 cents per capsule they are cheaper than many pods and capsules, and certainly cheaper than purchasing a Starbucks coffee every day.

You can purchase the capsules at (and pay $6 for shipping), or purchase the capsules at Bloomingdale’s (no shipping charge) and taste a new blend at the Nespresso bar!

My husband purchased the DeLonghis patented automatic cappucino system. Features include: reduced heating up time, ready in approx. 40secs, Illuminated keys and automatic controls to choose your favorite drink (cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso coffee, long coffee or hot milk), Drinks may be personalized and memorized. It’s a wonderful machine, so many choices, and easy to maintain, and clean. I love it!

One of these coffees is still a treat for me. The perfect combination with a good book!


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