Dog days

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I was never a real “pet” person. I never thought that I would be the kind of person that considered my dog anything but a dog. Through the years Sadie has grown on me.

We got her as a puppy back in 2008. She is a Shi-poo (half Shitzu, half poodle). I never wanted a dog, but my family did. I knew I would end up taking the brunt of the responsibility for it. Funny how being a mother has its role, even to other species. I said I would only get a dog if I could pick it out. The neighbor down the street had the cutest little dog, hypoallergenic (no shedding), smart and a great personality. I wanted the same dog, but a female.

Well, we did everything you’re not supposed to do. We got a mixed breed, and a pound puppy!! but we were blessed! Sadie ended up being an awesome dog. She is so smart, and easy to train. I put a hanging bell on the courtyard door and in only a few seconds Sadie was trained to ring the bell to go outside. She still uses it today.

I know you’re not supposed to feed your dog people food, but although we feed her people snacks from time to time, she’s very polite about it. She’s not a nagging beggar dog. In fact, when something falls on the ground she waits for permission to come get it!  When I feed her people snacks and I shake my head and say “all gone”, she walks away.

She has become part of the family. I can’t imagine life without her. In fact, imaging life without her brings tears to my eyes!

10 Fascinating things about Sadie:

1. She loves people (especially Grandma)

2. She loves socks, she steals them out of my son’s sock drawer

3. She follows me everywhere (even into the bathroom)

4. She wipes her feet on the grass after going to the bathroom

5. She hates water (would never go into the pool)

6. She sneezes when she’s on her back

7. She loves frosted flakes

8. She hates vegetables

9. She only barks when the doorbell rings (even if it’s on the television)

10. She freaks out at the sound of the smoke alarm beep when the battery needs changing

11. She sleeps on the floor at the foot of my bed.

Do you have a special pet? What do you love most about your pet?


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